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Sunday, 19 June 2005



This icing is the answer to a cinnamon roll lover's prayers.

It's great on carrot cake, too, though a bit runny — better for drizzling than spreading.

Try it. Mmmm.


i'm telling you: cookbook.

however, if you insist on cooking disgusting things like potato salad and cold slop, i might not buy it. even though you make them sound like they might not be that bad.


Rhubarb: Not just what extras say in crowd scenes, but a (poisonous) vegetable my mother frequently used to feed us...


Rhubarb is a wonderful vegetably thing, we used to have it in our garden when I was young and eating it straight from the ground with a little bag of sugar to dip it in is magical. It is also good for moving your bowels.

Penny Pressed

Though always up for a murderous rage, I'm with you on the sweet pickles. Actually anything in potato salad except the basics does it for me. Someone sent me a potato salad recipe with ... ALMONDS. What? Huh? Just ... don't.


im against nuts in salads. hee. i am pro-rhubarb though.

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