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Monday, 16 May 2005



Oh, I am sorry. It's happenned to me, too, that I lose a friend, whether out my thinking I KNOW their situation, when in fact I don't, or them thinking they know mine, it always is a bitter point. Perhaps things can still be mended?

Abraham Harold Maslow was an American psychologist who played a key role in the development of modern humanistic psychology. Maslow is perhaps best known because of his theory of differing levels of motivation which describes the process by which individuals fulfill their needs.

These were: 1. biological needs; 2. safetey and security; 3. love and belongingness; and 4. self-esteem. The earliest are the most basic and the later build upon the former. This scheme could include higher levels of needs, but Maslow did not go further than this.

Biological needs include food, water, sex, and sleep - the goal is simply to live. Safety needs include structure, order, security, and predictability - the goal is to eliminate uncertainty and provide order to life. Love needs include affiliation, friends, companions, a supportive family, and identification with the group - the goal here is to provide for intimacy and reduce alienation. Esteem needs involve the search for comptency, competence, and a high regard from one's peer group.

The ultimate goal of all of this, at least according to Maslow's humanist psychology, is to provide for the self-actualization of the individual. Such a person has a "more efficient" perception of reality because their perception was not distorted by unfulfilled needs eating away at them. Such a person is more resistant to various forms of social repression and indoctrination, has a stronger sense of friendship with others rather than superficial relationships, and is more spontaneous and creative.

I am sure that when your friend is finished redecorating Maslow's basement, she will be on a plane closer to your own.


And with this, I close my tags...


well, that's something to think about ... but if my post wrongly suggests that I feel as though I'm 'more evolved' than my friend, then all i can say is that this is not how I feel. and I don't think that the process of waking up is a luxury that is attended to someday later when we've got our shit together--i believe it's fully integrated into survival. I realize that many people view anything that refers to spiritual matters as being 'above' the more gritty plane of daily cares, but my experience has been the reverse.


You know me, you know I am as evolved as they come, you know I never need advice and you know that every step i take is taken with great care and consideration. I am the Fred Astaire of the psycho-spiritual dance troupe.

I coined a new phrase for my therapist - "homeopathic psychology", meaning a little bit of what kills you makes you better. Fit that in a psychotic's diary.

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