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Thursday, 26 May 2005



does "i seen" count? my SIL says it all the time and now my neices do. *shiver*


Where I work, the male engineers ALL use the word SPOOGE as a synonym for SPILL.

So we'll be eating lunch... "Dude, you just spooged all over the table."

Or in the middle of a meeting... "That was so ridiculous, I was drinking a coke and totally spooged all over myself."

THIS IS NOT THE MEANING OF SPOOGE. And I am tiring of swallowing my tongue.


where i come from spooge comes from a man's dingleberries :-)


I am having a hard time with the word "separate", because in the last three weeks i seem to have forgotten how to spell it. So, let's expunge it (THAT'S a good word, though not as good as spooge, a doing word... or should that be splooge).


1) Misuse of the word "literally". 2) Mispronunciation of "library".
"I was at the ly-berry and this book literally flew out of my hand".


I was all going to get up in your shit about "minuscule" but then I figured out that it is, in actuality, the original from which the variant "miniscule" descends. I figured it out from looking in the dictionary, you know, before making an ass of myself all over the internet.

How 'bout that.

Down to business: I hate "moist". And even more than that: "moisture". Moyyysschurrr. Gad.


Expunge/Moisture/Spooge? I'm feeling fresher and daintier already!
I'd nominate "queef" and "smegma", but they're such fun and necessary words.


at least learn to spell it, julie.
it's "liberry".


Playdate. I hate that word. Did I already write about this? god, I'm losing my mind.


napkin. I type it 500 times a day since it's part of my blog name and my e-mail addy. And I always spell it npakin. Why couldn't I name my blog "qwerty" instead?


I am growing to loathe 'barista'. but not much as 'awesome'.
I like the word 'moist'. My boss runs out of the room if anyone says the word 'guava'. So I do. Alot.

legato obfuscato

The use of "going forward" or "moving forward", when referring to something that you do while sitting around waiting to arrive in the future, should be met with loud raspberries and the occasional dispassionate dope-slap.

Hula Doula

Can't. That's the hated word every day.


"My Bad." I always want to say, "Yes. Yes, it is."

I have a friend who says, "riGHT?" with the emphasis on the last syllable. She means, "Exactly," or, "You're right!" but totally Two Thousand.

I took it up to mock her, and now I am all, "riGHT?"

Don't mock, it can screw you.


As if the word, "right" has two syllables.




I f uckin LOVE spooge! I didn't know anyone else used it, spooge splurge spurge splurge, love it.

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