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Friday, 20 May 2005



I like fragrance a lot. I'm a perfume whore, but not in the sense that I smell like a perfume counter, or my grandmother who used to hang out at the tennis club, downing gin and tonics and smoking like a chimney and then spraying the hell out of herself so Husband #3 didn't know she smoked. But I've never paid nearly $180 for a scent. Good Heavens that's a lot of Cnotes. Most of my purchases are in the $60-85 range. Could I be adopted by you and your husband please, I could use some sugar parents.

I did come across some the other day while were in downtown Sacramento, it was called love--and I can't remember who made it. It made me want to sniff my arm all night it was so yummy.


Scent of a Woman... hmmm. The amazing thing to me is how each parfum reacts differently on each woman's skin and so no two women smell exactly alike, even if they have doused themselves.

It's the little things that please.


erk, Michele, that price was for the 3.4 oz bottle—mine's the 1.7 oz ... which I know, still, is a lotta money. But it was my birthday present! my compensation for getting ooooooooollllllld!


old, but hottttttttttttttttttttttttt

and delicious!


funny girl.


Ok, ok, so I smell. Hint taken. Our hot water should be fixed by tomorrow...

little sis

My love from perfume came from my middle sister who always had some wonderful scent on. And later on in life started to give different scents to me for presents.
All of this talk about perfume reminded me of the Love's baby soft incident, of which I am still very, very sorry for!!!!!
(I was only Benjmain's age though).


It was Love's Fresh Rain Scent. Not that I'm holding a grudge.


Man, I wish they still made Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific because, well, it did. So did Body on Tap.

"But doooon't drink it!"

Cute Sexy Upskirts

now I'll stay in touch..

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