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Sunday, 23 January 2005



Sorry, Jilbur. Change sucks, especially when it's internal. The lack of sleep might not be helping.

Here are the words I say to my sister when she's feeling shitty, and I'll say them to you: "Heat the chocolate. Pour in the liquor. Find the fluffy book. It will look better tomorrow. Probably."

Lisa T.

I get in this same situation.... I don't feel myself...
I think I'm handling everything and then the next breath I feel like I'm acting out, as you put it... all in one fell swoop...then I feel REALLY disconnected to even my body.
We are all pumping all this medicine in our bodies...but...
I know... the dumps... No magical solutions here. I kind of crave change... it makes me feel like something is happening rather then everything is static, thus giving me hope.

I hope you find a peaceful place (if not try a benedryl to sleep... not many side effects or that dopey feeling the next day.)


Wisdom isn't an attribute, it is a gift and it's one you possess. Trouble with wisdom is that it don't work on yourself. Here's a trick, listen to wise people and just accept that you are good.

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