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Thursday, 06 January 2005



please allow me to be one of your readers who de-lurks for today. I stumbled upon your blog via a link from Oliva Drab (I think?) and now have a crazy routine of checking a whole bunch of blogs in a row (it's a complex system of remembering who has links to everyone else) and it usually starts with one of the great woman writers who are on your blogodesses list. I enjoy your straight to the point posts. Thanks for writing. (and for letting me read along).


All right, I'll fess up. I have been checking for about a week now.
ADHD runs rampant here at Chez Weenie, so I thought I would read about your um, stuff.

Mrs. Kennedy



I don't comment nearly as much as I read. Happy De-Lurking Day.


Yes, I lurk. My doctor recently decided that I'm ADD (but very much not the H), only a month after I told him I'm ADD. Anyway, I'll probably go back to lurkdom. I like it there.


I'm de-lurking. Hi. I don't post much because I don't have much to say, but I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks!


i am not really a lurker since you know me in the blog sense. but i wanted to tell you that i too have recently been called add by my shrink. add with bipolar in fact. i am still digesting it all and i am behind on my blog reading, so i have to go back and read your posts. this means i need to stifle the add to read. anyhow. there, i delurked and blabbed!

p.s. you are fab


whatchu want to talk about?


Hello, my name is thisgirl and I am a habitual lurker. Actually I've been delurking all over the place lately. I'll try to comment more often, I enjoy your blog.


hi there. delurking for a day just for you! i enjoy your writing and have been checking in for a few months now. thanks for sharing with us.


I just get called, 'random', and that's fine by me. Love your thoughts, the way you express them and share them. Happy day after de-lurking day, a day late.


Hi from Germany! Who am I? Canadian, wife, mother, perpetual student and the world's lurkiest lurker. I really enjoy your blog.


We come looking for internet porn- Mindy told us there were naked pics. I swear I am only responsible for 2 clicks a day, okay 3, maybe 8.


Hi. I'm a prodigious lurker hereabouts. Love your blog!


Ahoy matey, shiver me timbers! I come for the humor. But now that I know about the pirate porn, you won't be able to get rid of me. Am I extrapolating too much?


I usually visit via some of the infertility blogs and just started one myself. So, hello!

That Girl

De-luking for a day. I like your site, but rarely have a comment. Keep writing, and you have my sympathy for your recent diagnosis.

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