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Thursday, 30 September 2004





- at least you didn't do it when the arc is opened to reveal the Torah scroll......no, wait....there would have been people singing and rejoycing, maybe that would have been more appropriate.


Oh dear God! That's about the funniest thing, although I'm sorry it happened to you. It sounds just like something I would have done.


Oh my, oh my. And I thought I was naughty for causing a young Catholic priest to blush and wriggle uncomfortably by nursing Dorian across the table from him at Hospitality Hour after Mass. You've totally got me beat. After all, the Virgin Mary breastfed the infant Jesus, and I don't think that even Mary Magdalen did a striptease in the temple.

Maybe this is why women were segregated to a sheltered part of the temple during the first several thousand years of Judaism....


The glory of this sordid little anecdote is in no way dulled by the fact that I learned of it some hours ago -- every time I think about it, I ruin my mascara, weeping with laughter.

Oh God. Even now, there goes the Maybelline.


Yes, what Jo said, except that I am not wearing mascara. ;)


Is it evil of me to picture you walking along with a slow smile and a sway to your hips?

I laughed soooooo hard when you called last night, and I am glad you blogged it. If you didn't, I was going to have to! Heeeeee! Bitch!


Bwahahahaha. That was so funny. I am so sorry it happened to you, but bwahahaha. I can't help myself.


I do not know anyone else who would have turned this phrase so beautifully: "When I started to feel rather more ventilated than I expected..."

That is a very hilarious tale, and of course I'm sure now even if you "don't know many people at the Synagogue," they know you!!! (See also #94 of Century Jill and relevant posted comments.)


PS--when I say "very hilarious tale," I mean that I almost snorted out my coffee and was doubled over laughing out loud, in a gasping kind of way. Also desperately wishing I had been a witness to your display of your personal bounty (in keeping with the spirit of a harvest holiday, I suppose?)...


THAT is so excellent. Or dare I say sexcellent. I could totally see myself doing it as well. You rule.

science chick

Me thinks that exhibitionism has reach a unique pinacle....


I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the laugh!


*wiping tears away* ahhh! awesome! i agree with jenB - so very sexcellent!!

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