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Wednesday, 08 September 2004



aaahhhhhhhhh! that is too funny!
i *wish* we had taco bell in saskatchewan!!!


HA! Ok, so what was it really? I can't even imagine what kind of toy that could have really been... and if they are really giving out vibrators... hmmm.. Wendy's is sounding good all of a sudden.


I. Have. No. Idea.
She was talking about this wonderful toy well after the fact ...


*racing to Wendy's*


I suddenly have an overwhelming craving for a junior bacon cheeseburger with a side of battery-operated LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!

Fraulein N

You know, if this were a movie preview, right about now you'd hear a needle scratching across a record.


that's pretty funny! who knew Wendy was so "Babes in Toyland"??

reminds me of when I was sitting recently at the sidewalk tables of a local fish place, and an employee was standing on the sidewalk giving out free samples of "crab balls." The guy kept offering people "would you like some crab balls"? Of course, my companion and I were cracking up every time he said it. I finally sort of gaspingly gently suggested to the guy that he call them "mini crab cakes," which he started doing (and, of course, more people became interested in sampling them). Not exactly mature wit, not exactly worthy of a neoclassical salon, but at the time it was still pretty damned funny.


BWAAA HAA HAA! I'm guessing this was said loud enough for onlookers to hear?

The Zero Boss

Lunch at Wendy's with all the kids: $15.34
Gas to drive 15 block from your house to Wendy's: $39.90
Public humiliation at the hands of the innocent: priceless.


Henceforth, we plan to call it "The Happy Meal" Screw McDonalds, let 'em sue.

Would you like a "Biggie O" with that?


*snort* priceless!


I'll have four (yes I said 4) Wendy's kids meals to go... ;)


That is beautiful. So very, very beautiful.


So that explains all those wrappers and uneaten food in my wife's car!!!


Years ago BK was cojoined with Toy Story, so I had the experience of pulling up to buy kids meals and asked over the scratchy intercom, "Would you like a Buzz or a Woody with those?" I took both, because, you know...I'm definitely going to Wendy's now.


I think Wendy's might have some competition from McDonald's. Check out the picture under Oswald McDonald. ;)


Wow, I wish we had Wendy's in France.

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