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Monday, 27 September 2004



I think your writing is often lyrical and usually funny, your taste in music and books excellent and, even though I've never met you, I could tell through the internet that you have a bodacious set.


Thank you for numbers 26-29. I'd never thought of putting the two words side by side, though I know the definitions of both "vain" and "conceited". Like you, I consider myself very vain but not conceited. I know I'll never be mistaken for a supermodel, but I've got at least a little something going on, and I want to be the best and most beautiful me I can be. And I want you (meaning every human on the planet, and certain intelligent and respectful great apes) to think I am beautiful. If I was conceited, perhaps I wouldn't be quite so eager for affirmation of my charms.

Are you vainer than I am? I don't know. I do think you're a better writer.

However, I can't possibly compliment your rack without seeing it. Don't just tease us, post a picture.


People, I've seen the rack. It is as promised.

And you're a breathtakingly good writer.

(What do I win?)


Thanks to The Leery Polyp (via Chez Miscarriage), here I've found another set of alarmingly bright women, blogging and commenting away - saying out loud (or writing out loud, if that's possible) all the naughty things I only dare to think. Imagine this - until a few months ago I'd never even heard the term "blog." You're my new favorite. I look forward to spending my day going back and reading as many of your posts as I possibly can without my boss catching me.


YOU! You're an amazing writer. You're the blogger's blogger. The essence of bloggitude. A stranger introduced, appreciated then loved in only 100 or so sentences. Wish I could do that in a book.


Not one single comment about liking words. I'm disappointed. OK, not really.


I love this.

little sis

you may not care about shoes but you are a beauty product junky like me. I didn't know you prefered white over red, so do I. I also prefer fruit desserts, tart tatin the most. I think your incredibly beautiful but I am not complete impartial. And now I know why you got so excited when I said you butt look amazing.
All my life I have ALWAYS been amazed by all of your talents. And although it might not have seemed so I have ALWAYS admired and looked up to you. But your writing has completely blown me away!!!
thank you for sharing. xxoo


Nope, it's got to be red... Oh and, NIIIICE rack ;)


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