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Monday, 05 July 2004


science chick

Welcome to the Mac highlife......just a quick note: you can actually choose whether/how much of all those crazy effects you want in the system preferences area. Have fun muddling through OSX!


Oh, I have a thing for the weirdo magnifying-the-current-thing effect over the toolbar, too. (Yes, I own two Windows machines. No, I cannot explain it. In my previous life I was a Mac girl and I don't know how I got here.)

You have fun with your panther. ;)


Welcome to the Jungle, my friend.

Hula Doula

Oh I so wish I understood all of what you said. I'm so freaking computer illiterate. The good news is that I am learning the fast way!!!
Sounds like fun fun fun though.


I so wish my computer could alter the fabric of reality like that. I mean, its nice but its not that nice! Can I come over and use it? ;-)




I want a refund on my popcorn. it didn't live up to the hype.......or is this just the opening credits?

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