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Wednesday, 14 July 2004



I will be thinking of you tomorrow. While I am not sitting on a cushion. Well, unless couch cushions count. Actually, I did buy a meditation cushion so I could sit on the floor with the baby and not get assnumb.

I will be sending some seriously (!) positive energy to you. starting.... now.


There is an Olympic fencing team. Now go exercise that ass.

And best of luck with the bloodwork results, nice lady.


If I could be there (which I can't, which is probably good since I sense you would smack any intruder, no matter how well-meaning, at this point), I'd bring some wine, chocolate, and goofy movies. But the meditation thing sounds good, too. ;)

Keep on hanging on. *hugs*


Does that commitment involve sleeping? I think it'd be good if it did.

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