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Sunday, 20 June 2004



Hmmm... katydid... triffid (as in day of the)... plain ol' id (Freud never goes out of style)....

That cake recipe is making me SO hungry, but I am in the Gatorade Zone now, so it will have to wait. Enjoy your brief stint as a single girl! I recommend spending it doing something other than surgery! ;)


I think I would have enjoyed the Tripletes more if I had been smoking something or drinking something mind altering. Crazy Frenchies.


Horny. Isn't that an Id word? Oh, you meant ending with...right...sorry. Turgid. Flaccid. Torpid. Fluid. Magid (okay, that's the last name of a boy I had a crush on in high school, but it was actually the first -id I thought of, speaking of Id).


So does this mean you're going to have more time to blog?


oh that sounds yummy, I will have to try it. Don't go too crazy there all by yourself. Remeber it's okay to talk to yourself but don't answer. It's okay to talk to the walls, but when they start answering you are in trouble.

Hula Doula

That's why I'm here in Europe. I'm taking some time with the hubby because he's away a lot!! Now I'm where he is and we kind of remember why we like each other!! (giggle)
You all need that time. When Howie gets home you will have a great time with "catch up"


Read Ulysses... again!


Now, you know I love you right? Ok. I have to disagree with you on the whole mushroom thing. I've found the flaw in our relationship and this is it. I agree with you about the whole mediocre restaurant syndrome but portabellas? Pshaw!

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