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Saturday, 19 June 2004



Personally, I think being lousy at being mean is kind of admirable. I mean, I'm excellent at being mean, but no one has ever really been impressed by that. The ability to make people whimper has limited scope, at best.

And? You writing more often would be awesome. I come by several times a day with high hopes, you know. You should see the little dance I do when there's a new post! ;)


Wow this Hortense person (great name by the way!)
sounds like a lovely lady!


You haven't been blogging? Really? Hmmmm..ummmm...errrr.....oh yeah, what's up with that? I really missed you.

Hula Doula

I've been a silent observer for a while. Looking forward to seeing more of you.

science chick

agreed that those suffering most from your recent lack of posting proclivity are we who look forward to it, rather than thou who guilts over it.


As long as you keep showing up on Thursdays!

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