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Tuesday, 29 June 2004



I have just forsaken my desktop after 6+ years. It was time to move on - the O/S was antique, the keyboard sticks when I hit shift and the fan is dying a slow death. Not to mention that trying to share it with a four year old was becoming tiresome. My new lappie arrived today. Now I can read blogs from the comfort of my couch. All hail the new lappie!


Steve Jobs just demo'd Tiger today. It looks awesome. Kind of makes you hate to buy Panther, but it won't be released until early next year...

And, yes, I second the motion for a laptop. With AirPort. It has changed my life.


I converted to a reg-you-lar old pc a few years back, but i miss Macland. Switch over to Panther and let us know how it works. I want to do the same thing for my dad and his charcol iMac. We will miss you though.... who is making the switch for you? Some nerd i hope.


My mom has an iMac, but blue. She is a desk top publisher and has added every little bit of add on you can buy and her computer still sucks. She thinks it doesn't, but it really does. I think you should get a Dell and put the old iMac out to pasture. Hope the transition to the Panther! goes smoothly. Let us know how that goes...maybe I'll recommend it to my mother.


Are you abso-lutely sure that your iMac will work OK with 10.3???


If you get a Dell or any class of PC I can't be your friend anymore. I'll send those naked pictures of the barbies with the My Little Ponies to someone important.....and I promise, you are through!

It's not the mac that's the problem...it's the old (old in computer years anyway...annoying) computer that's the problem. If you had a pc it would age just as ridiculously fast.

Logan, you know my husband....who earns all the money...who does freelance design work on his home computer...you know, making more money for our family? He works on a very old Mac...it's a power pc and it's from 1996...and it has two hard drives in it from two different machines, it's like a frankencomputer.

Of course I, the lady who brings in an occasional $100 here and there, has a wireless iBook and I adore it. Adore it. Right now, I"m watching the kids in the pool and I'm typing this to you and I don't think it's right that you aren't doing the same.

It was a stupid thing to buy, really stupid...but I still can't say I regret it. I still love it.


Backup thingy? Important. Howie's got a point. And once you get an IM program up and running, let me know! Good luck with the upgrade.


Can I just offer my completely and totally 100% unbiased opinion here? Which is, you should do whatever you need to do to fucking get back on IM!!!!!!!!! But I only say this because I am thinking of you and your needs. Truly.


Get yer ass back in touch. I cannot tolerate this business of you stalking Howie for a turn on his puter.


Will your computer come back painted black and have a greenish yellow glow around its...um...speakers? That would be cool.


Um maybe a loaner is in order?

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