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Friday, 21 May 2004


science chick

Jbur, your 'ku rules!
seemingly effortless -yo!
wish I had your sh*t


Haha I love your post. Cracks me up and reminds me of the last field trip I went on with my kids oh and I agree, the time DOES drag on.


The constant injury thing is something that suprised me about childhood from the adult side of the coin. My son can fall down and hurt himself standing in the middle of an empty and cushioned room. He literally just collapses and then sobs ensue and I'm trying to be comforting but at the same time completely astounded at how goofy this child is.


Field trips are the best and worst all rolled together into a day of accidents and insanity. My son is admittedly a complete freak, but you know, he's not a as freaky as the kid we had riding in our car on the way to the pumpkin patch. THAT kid constantly complained and then somehow removed himself from his car seat while I'm driving down the highway at 65mph. When I gave him a respectful but stern little talking to after pulling over and getting him back into his seat, he called me a "poopy lady." Good times, field trips.


Oh how I hate field trips. I actually guilted my spouse into taking our 5 year old to the farm last week.

I feel both evil and relieved.

**Congrats on the monkey bars. I have a feeling Madison's arms would come right off, the bloody limbs hanging from the bars and she laid armless on the ground.

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