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Monday, 17 May 2004



*absolutely* go to the city!!!

eat dim sum.
shop on M-- St.
see a matinee at a funky arthouse theater with all the hipsters.
buy a cheap but fabulous summer dress.
strut your stuff.

and then tell us all about it! (esp. those of us stuck at our desks. ;-) )
do whatever fun/luxurious/indulgent things you can over the next two weeks. the other household, etc. things will just sprout two tasks at the head of the task you polish off!

And they don't deserve to take up this delicious period of freedom which you so richly deserve.


Only 10%?? Wow, such lofty goals.


Coming from someone who would chew her own LEG off for a chance to go hang out in "the city" (alone, no less!) I say GO! NOW!


Ok...I'm really jealous of the no work thing but the spider dream? No thanks. You're right...those were some freaky dreams. What's going on in your head? :-)


If I were there I would come and drag you from your home and go to the city with you.

Do for those who can not do. Please.


Thanks for your comments. I'm really never sure anyone reads or cares. I enjoy your posts and definitely identify so I wanted the few folks I've told about my blog, to be able to link to yours. You're an enjoyable writer. Although that sounded odd.

Yes I thought those personals were funny. My friend and I made up our own at lunch and they were just as sad.


Julia S

Oh dear. I found your house dreams ridiculously, walk-away-from-the-computer, disturbing. I hope they upset me more than they did you.

And go to the city. Enjoy yourself. Seriously.


You are so going to the city. If you ask nicely, I'll mug you! But with love.

The term "special toast" made me a little weepy. Everything my big sister ever made for me was always the most delicious foodstuff ever invented, so much did I worship her. And it was usually along the lines of Special Toast, or Special Sandwich. And then we'd watch Match Game '76 and she'd con me into scratching her back by promising that she'd scratch mine when I was through, only she never did. But the toast was delicious.

anne tuckova

this is the second thing i've read about dreams today. weird.

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