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Friday, 23 April 2004



You know I don't remember actually saying "schmorilla." But it does sound like something I'd say, so I'll give you license.

Jilbur, Jilbur, Jilbur. What's to be done? Am I going to have to go over there and hug you? Because I will. If that's what I have to do, I will squeeze you and gently bite your shoulder and snuffle in your ear, all the things that in my family mean love and comfort and the possibility of milkshakes. Because you deserve it all, love, comfort, milkshakes galore. These things should be showered upon you. Not the milkshakes though. At least not literally.

Also, I am in love with Gorilla #3. If that is what you look like, well, there's no WAY you're not getting squeezed.


Just wanted to say happy mutual birthday to you :).


"she's real
she's ideal
and she's awfully cute!
she's an ever-livin' doll
in a monkey suit!...

take our advice
at any price
a gorilla like jillbur
is might nice!"

I agree with jo--#3 is tops


.....at least your weren't an orangutang. That multi-colored face and bare rear would have REALLY freaked you out.

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