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Tuesday, 23 March 2004



I propose an addition to the park:

Ride the Breath! Totally Extreme Taking and Sending -- TO THE MAXXX!

I can't promise you a future free of discount store desperation ("You should go!"), but I can promise the future won't be the past. You're older, tougher, more secure (particularly as a parent). Sure, there will be plenty things on which to meditate. But be on the lookout for unexpected blessings, often found outdoors in the sunlight.

Or wrapped in croissant.
Editor's note
sneaky of you, miss, to use text from one of my own links to get at me. I love your sneakiness ... and yeah, you did get to me. Didja notice another one: 'Don't wallow in self pity'?



may i just say how much i lurve your blog?
sorry, but i have to go wander around marhall's now....
Editor's note
you know, suess, I didn't even make that up--and I did make a friend, kinda, in Marshall's when the jellybean was a baby ... and I don't want to sound ungrateful for any companionship I got out of that experience, or imply any disparagement of that entirely goodnatured person, but it was the kind of thing where I was settling for someone that I couldn't, like, make fart jokes with.
Now you know what my standards are ...

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