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Saturday, 20 March 2004



Yeah, my kid is a veggie head too. wants "broclee" and "soup" but he actually says something that sounds more like "poop" which we find very funny. not really that into the sweets. We give him a bit of vegan health valley oatmeal raisin cookie, and he likes to crumble it more than eat it.
I think its largely luck, tho. And genetics. I have a friend who's baby won't eat anything that isn't sugary sweet. in fact he refuses to eat mostly so he just nurses all day :)
Editor's note:
Well, if your friend's product is remotely like mine was, that's some mighty sugary stuff, so no wonder.


Crispy kale is the food of the goddesses, so who could blame Miss Jellybean? Ooooh, so good. Isn't kale about to be in season?


Editor's note:
Well, yeah, actually I think kale can be pretty tasty, too ... though I didn't always feel that way. I used to use it as a byword for something that is just plain healthy, with the emphasis on 'plain.' As in, "The dietary plan in What to Expect would have you believe you ought to feel guilty whenever you eat anything that's not, like, buckwheat groats and kale." That's possibly a verbatim quote from jilbur, some years ago.

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