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Wednesday, 17 March 2004



So cute!

The answer's C, right?


if you were a freshman composition student, the answer would be something like

"Since the beginning of time, man has belonged to a family. All cultures have the idea of family, but there are many differences and similarities between them. I have a family, and I enjoy my family. They are very important to me. In summary, family is an important part of who we are."


[shudder] Dead-on parody, tamsterino. gawd, I'd forgotten what it was like to plow through a pile of 20 or so essays like that.


Eeeeek! I LOVE having a girl, if only for the improved selection of clothing. The blue is divine. (Oh, and congratulations to your mom as well.)

P.S. She sounds a LOT like my mom, who returned to college 17 years after being pulled out by her frugal and sexist family, only to later become an English prof, a dean, a vice-chancellor, and now ED of the cultural discovery and learning center at her university. I couldn't be prouder... and so I am enjoying vicarious pride on your behalf as well!


P.S. Tam, isn't that a GWB quote? *ponders*

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