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Thursday, 11 March 2004



I read the story, and my first thought upon finishing it was:

God, was 1998 really six years ago?

Your big project this time can be settling in. I mean fully devoting yourself to wherever you go. I want you down on the corner by the cool coffee shop, handing out flyers and taking signatures for the I Want to Be Friends With Jilbur organization. JilPIRG, we'll call it.

Remember, transition is when everybody says, "Oh God, I can't DO this!" Or alternately: "Get it out! Get it out of me!" That's a metaphor, dude.

And maybe, just maybe, I too will be cursed with my deepest desires: nestled into the Blue Ridge, a friendly old bungalow full of wild monkey children, just a couple of hours away from you. We'll have chickens and four kids, so you'll have to come visit us, but you can stay in the guest yurt.



I am not hip enough to have my own blog, but I love that you now have one.

There is definitely some flux going on there. How about coming down to what I jokingly (and wistfully) call the "tri-state area"? We got cherry blossoms.

In the meantime, the mountain is coming to Mohammed in April.

Btw, I have that same beanie baby--it's name is Moo-Shu. [In Homeresque voice:] Mmmmmmm...moo-shu...


I can completely understand! I've moved 4 times in 4 years. My problem is no matter how lonely and misrelable I am, I would never admit it to any of my family. "I'm fine", The truth is I hate for people to feel sorry for me, and I hate when people complement me too much because it feels to much like being patronized, but yet I want attention. Jezzzz, how ambivolent can a person feel.

Sangita Gopal

as i too face a big move, i realize i might need a blog to get me through this... better than making lists of things to do and lists of lists of things to do... and then abandoning them all to read a novel....or talk on the phone. it might be fun to write something other than ridiculous academic articles!!

isn't it funny that we are both moving the same fall?

i am a part of the mountain range that is coming to muhammed!


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