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Tuesday, 21 June 2005


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Personally, I shy away from the evil stuff because it just makes me sad. If it's something that already happened, how is my "staring it in the face" going to change anything? It's not, it's just going to freak me out. The end.

You'll be fine on the job interview, dahling.


it's today, this job interview? if so, good luck! and if it was yesterday... well, for the sake of all things good, or more specifically the sake of my need to know, how did it GO?


It's a shame and a disgrace for Canada that neither Homolka nor Barnardo is dead yet. I am generally against the death penalty, because the wrong (innocent) people get convicted too often, but I am willing to make exceptions for them. Guilty as hell and evil to the core.


Damn these tiny buttons. Wanted to add: good luck with the interview. Don't worry about being crazy, we all have our little rubber duckies to tend; just don't rape and/or kill your own family members.

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