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Monday, 13 December 2004



i cannot eat of the meat, because the meat doesn't like me, but i still think you should write a cookbook. i really do. i like the points on which you are willing to compromise (not insisting that the tomatoes be ripe from my garden, for example) and the points on which you are not (freshly ground nutmeg). it says a lot about you. in particular, it says: write a cookbook.


Oh, I love veal! So sue me! But I DO live in Europe!


The recipe looks damn tasty, and I may attempt it soon with ground turkey (heresy!). Thanks, too, for referencing the best children's book series ever. Where else can you find badgers & meatballs coexisting so happily?


A variant of the meatloaf mix that I've seen around here uses lamb instead of veal. It adds a different dimension of flavor (a bit more middle-eastern) and avoids the maltreated calf meat.


Hope this means you've got your mojo back...


Hi there, came here via Mindy's (and am also a rancho relaxo contributor). I HAD to comment when I saw you mentioned Bread and Jam For Frances, that was one of my favourite childhood books. I think my mum bought it because I was a fussy eater. Have you seen the other Frances books? The ones that I know of are A Baby Sister For Frances and Best Friends For Frances, they became family favourites and I still quote 'I know a girl who gets 15p pocket money a week' every so often.

And how I wanted a packed lunch like Frances! Will come over and have a read more often.


A Bargain for Frances is my favorite; it has everything - friendship, betrayal, greed, jealousy, deception, revenge, and Good Counsel From Mother!

Gary M.

Sounds great ... just for grins, try cooling the cooked onion and adding it to the meatball mix.

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