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Friday, 15 October 2004



Please, please don't drown in all those tears.

Jilbur.....I'm sorry you're feeling so shitty.


I'm sorry that you're in the mood for this particular playlist, and hope that it won't last much longer. However, getting the tears out is often better than trying to hold them in.

I'm quite fond of crying songs, and you've listed most of the ones that came to my mind, but here are a couple more:

Cry Me a River -- Ella Fitzgerald
Drown in my Own Tears -- Aretha Franklin
River of Tears -- Eric Clapton

I hope you'll be ready for happier songs soon.


May I suggest "Happy Talk" by Captain Sensible?


Also: 'It's my party and I'll cry if I want to"
(ok, it was twenty years ago, I can't remember the artist).
Don't worry, Be happ I can't even finish that cheesy thought...


Oh, Jilbur-- I'm sorry about the funk.

How about:
96 Tears--?[sic] and the Mysterians
Tears Don't Care Who Cries Them--k.d. lang
Dancing with Tears in my Eyes--X [written by Al Dubin & Joe Burke]

I also like listening to Tom Waits when in a funk, but can't think of any songs of his with tears in the title. Whiskey, now, that's another story.


Suddenly I feel the urge to sing, "Row, row, row your boat".


The Velvet Underground song "Jesus" used to always make me cry. I don't know if that counts though.

Sometimes when my baby starts to fuss I do a very loud Roberta Flack imitation and say: DON'T CRY OUT LOUD! TRY TO KEEP IT INSIDE! LEARN HOW TO HIDE YOUR FEELINGS!

red clay

cry- the v-roys
crying drunk- the old 97s
cry to me- solomon burke
crying time-buck owens
crying over you- rosie flores
i'll forget her or die crying- rex hobart
crying in the chapel -the orioles
i do my cying at night- rhonda vincent
crying on sunday- joseph arthur
feel like crying- toni price
can't cry hard enough- julie miller

or, better

nobody's crying- patty griffin
i don't want to cry tonight- the volebeats
crying won't make me stay- rl burnside
crying but my tears are far away- old 97s
don't come crying- tift merritt

Busy Mom


Hope you no longer need this playlist, though.

science chick

do not....I repeat, DO NOT, partake of the little cake with raisins that spell out "EAT ME".....

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