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Friday, 04 June 2004



Glad to hear things are a bit better. And now I'm hungry!


Hurray for "better," and we'll stay tuned for "downright good."

This weekend, you must make french toast with that challah. Trust me. You'll die happy. ;)


Besides my secret pride in my soft elbows, admitted here several posts ago, and so not so secret anymore, I can fold pocket sheets (as we call them in the Midwest) like a champion calf wrangler. I even get my pocket sheets confused with the flat sheet in the linen closet, that's how good they are. See, when you consume downlow eliminators, you experience pride, rather than panic, in the mundane.

Have a nice weekend with your dad and stepmother, Jill!


You know, if you read "contour sheet" as "contour map", your post is just as funny.


Oooh! Oooh! I totally have a method for folding contour sheets. I heard it some damn place, and never believed it would work, but hot damn, it does. But if you know how to make challah bread, you probably know the sheet secret too.

And yes to the challah french toast. Had it in Miami (of course). Was divine.


Frankly, anyone who actually knows how to fold a contour sheet "properly" and make it look like a flat sheet, well, they scare me. It's just not right. it's like actually making oil and water mix. It just goes against nature.

As for your challah... it sounds like a morning battle cry:

"Prepare! Tonight we sleep, but tomorrow...CHALLAH FOR BREAKFAST! Whooooot!"


Who got the recipe from Aunt Rita's sister-in law? And you say I never comment.


See? it worked! For all of you out there who may be interested in who exactly found out that my great aunt's daughter-in-law had the challah recipe, and retrieved it from oblivion: it was, in fact, my younger sister Maxine, who rarely comments on her sister's blog over which so many labors and so much sweat is expended, and who therefore deserves none of the glory!


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