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Sunday, 23 May 2004



Is it wrong that I giggle everytime I read/hear "pulled pork" used together in a sentence?


No, Lee...I do the same thing. And if I weren't one of those wacky vegetarians, I'd SO take you up on that offer!


God. If only I hadn't spent Sunday night battling a kitchen sink spewing black filth.

I don't hate you for your pork, but I am drooling over both pork and side dishes. Oh. My. God.

Julia S

I was trying to figure out a cute little emoticon that would convey to a niceity: me, face down trying to drown myself in a pool of my own saliva. Oh oh oh, how can I not envy you your barbeque? Hate you? Never. But Howie kinda did it for me already, sorry, and I love you to pulled pieces... now this?


I'm hungry. And if you eat that well again tomorrow (and I hear about it) I may consider hating you. ;)

red clay

i know a place, the pork ain't pulled, they don't own a fork.
smoke releases meat from the bone.
carries salt and seasoning all the way thru.
and don't start me on the hash.

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