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Saturday, 17 April 2004


Mrs. Kennedy

Welcome to Club Liver Spot.

Julia S

Shellfish is an abomination Lev 11:10.

Hmmm, that would have worked out a bit better with the clamdip post...

How about: God hath given thee one face and you paint yourself another (Hamlet, or seomthing like that.) You might not cheat, but I apparently do. I took my eyelash curler hiking the Appalachian Trail. I fail to see a problem with this.

A very happy almost birthday to you. I hope you have something fabulous planned.


I use my eyelash curler every. single. day.


Honestly? You are pretty fabulous-looking, all the time, even when you go for minimal makeup. And I ain't just sayin' this because you're my friend. You're stunning. So there! (pbpbpbpbbbt)

Since we're confessing: I buy Lucky (the magazine about shopping, for God's sake!). Every damn month.


You e-mail, and they will come.

Try the Bliss catalog (www.blissout.com) for a dizzying list of products that will firm, shape, massage, exfoliate, buff, prime, conceal, fold, spindle and mutilate everything that needs such firming, shaping, folding, etc.

Confessions: I have a nice lady who monthly threads my errant facial hair. I obsess about the skin on my heels. I'm proud of my soft elbows. I've grown to think women under thirty look unformed and women after 35 look gorgeous and capable of everything. I fall in and out of love with lipsticks like an adolescent considering prom dates.


Other things I use every day: Mascara. Eyeliner. Lipstick. And a wee dab of concealer. Some days, many many wee dabs.

Every day. Even if I'm snowbound. Maybe the UPS guy will come! Maybe he will be hot!

I read the Bliss catalog like it's porn. Expensive, creamy porn.


I think you jst like typing Ecclesiastes and to quote Bill Cosby about getting older, "it ain't nothing but a number".


Sussed again! Ecclesiastes .... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Those high school typing lessons soooooo paid off.
yeh--40 is a number. A big. old. creaky. saggy. number.


No, 40 is quite a firm an pert number... 44 is getting saggy!

I once went to a spa with my wife, as a treat for her before I went out of the country for a while. She was about 4 months pregnant and therefore couldn't indulge herself in all the treatments... so I indulged on her behalf. I have never felt so warm, fuzzy and bright. I swear, if that is what it feels like being a girl then I'm all for it! Best part of the break for me was a one hour aromatherapy session followed by a deep cleansing facial. I glowed... incadescently.

If I ever become rich I am going to have one weekend a month at some swanky resort with the girls, that is my promise to myself, and you are all invited!

Mme. Paquin

Well I also google-imaged telangiectasia and, dear me, I had no idea. I think I saw telangiectasia having multiple births.

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