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Tuesday, 20 April 2004



Hey Jill, it's Lisa, Jo's friend. I just figured out that you have a blog and I LOVE it.

3 questions:

1. What was your first impression of Jo?

2. Is your life anything like what you imagined it would be as a kid?

3. What was your favorite band at age 12? 18? 25? Now?


Bubble Yum, or Juicy Fruit?

Search for a quarter in a jar of leeches, or sit through an episode of "Fear Factor"?

Read "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", or get a hundred paper cuts with lemon juice on top?


1. If no one ever saw you in your skivvies again, what would you wear for YOURSELF? Factors can be comfort OR aesthetic...

2. If you could change one day in your life, not a single decision, but one pivotal day, which would it be?

3. If you could be invisible and have the run of any single building for a day, which would you choose?


1. How attractive do you think you are? Be honest.

2. Eat only Lunchables for a month, or read a romance novel a week for a month?

3. Did you graduate from high school?


1. harmless joke or piss on someone's parade?
2. (mindy took my question No. 2) What would be the absolute first thing you would do the morning after you won 100 milion dollars?
3. You're driving a bus. At the first stop you pick up 6 people and left 5 people off. At the second stop, 12 people get on and 2 people get off. At the third stop, 8 people get on and 13 people get off. What's the bus driver's name?


Red or white wine with pork?

If a married couple (hetero or homo) are both doctors (md or phd), how do you address them in a formal invitation?

Is the universe expanding or shrinking?


1. Name one television show that you secretly adore but are embarrassed you like.

2. What's your favorite mascara?

3. What's something in your house that you never get around to cleaning?


1. Who are your current favorite fiction authors and why (selfish question, I'm looking for recs!)?

2. How often do you get to see live music vs. how often would you LIKE to see live music and who do you most wish to see?

3. What kind of car would you most like to drive and/or be seen in?

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