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Monday, 12 April 2004



i am hereby referring to him as PancakeMaster. And aren't you all just gorgeous! Look at all those teeth, who knew?

I will never look at our flower plates from IKEA the same way again, either.


Wheee! What a gorgeous family! Howie is hot, baby, and you're no slouch yourself. (I recently found a pic of myself with early 90s glasses--yikes!)

I love seeing you all without having to stand down the hall for perspective. ;-)


What a purty family you are. You look so sweet and cool.


I am coming to visit you and your cut rate hairstylist whenever I need hair-do-ing from now on. Lovely. I'm seething with hair envy.

Your girlie is adorable and the husband is quite handsome. The thing about those glasses, in Logan and I's world anyway, is that I don't think they look bad until I see another pair of glasses on his face. He had the same ones until '96 or so and I always thought they were the coolest glasses ever...until he put the new ones on and then the old glasses seemed ridiculously huge and Liberace-esque, with less sequins.

So pretty much what I'm saying is those glasses on the husband look quite nice, but the minute you share a picture of him with the new glasses, I'll say something like "Jesus! What are those crazy glasses doing on that man's face?"


*waving like Forrest Gump*

It's nice to see you!


You are all way too gorgeous and lovable-seeming.

How I hate you.

I especially like the circa 1990 glasses. I like even more the circa 1980 glasses, that cover 80% of the face. What were we thinking?

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