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Wednesday, 21 April 2004



In response to the question of how to address the Dr.........I prefer neither, but rather "Eternal sex goddess of the universe" on all correspondence. However, given an ultimatum, I prefer "Dr." to "Prof", mostly 'cuz I isn't technically a Prof yet, only a lowly Asst Prof. The real challenge comes when addressing to a hetero couple where the fem has the Dr., and the male doesn't! This was the case in my former relationship. "Mr. and Dr."? Sounds right to me, but I never once received it.....always "Mr. and Mrs.". Wretch.


√Čtienne = jilbur??? [insert brain sizzle noise here]


Actually in retrospect I realize I didn't really answer Suzyn's question precisely. The problem seems to be that it is rare to see both titles and given names in a formal invitation. It could have been:
Mr. Jason and Dr. Tiffany Addlewit
If they share a surname and it's Sciencechick's scenario. Actually this way of dealing with it takes care of any shared-surname sitch, but I think it's considered nonstandard.


How about "Dr. XX and Mr. XY" ?!!!

Wouldn't the "absolute first" thing you did the morning after winning the lottery be to take a piss? (and not metaphorically on someone's parade)

J, you look damned good, 40 or otherwise. Happiest of birthdays, old bean!

Sangita Gopal

happy birthday thong-clad, olga suddenly smoothed jilbur!!!

speaking of which, suddenly smooth in relation to whom? the wearer or the voyeur?


I think that one gets so distracted by the dazzling suddenness of the smoothing, that subject/object relations get entirely unbounded and the liminal quality of such designations is highlighted. Howzzat?

Julia S

Ohhh (has anybody else but me noticed I always start my comments with some elongated interjection? why is that? I know I talk like that, but why write it?) I am sorry I missed this question and answer session. I mean, I saw it and meant to come back with some questions but it was already over. I wanted to play on my own blog, but.. er... yeah.. not so much with the questions right now, I think.

Music! I need music! Jayhawks- good. Velvet Crush? Shins? If you had to suggest one CD for me...


My British friend (wait, she's now an American citizen)-- okay I'll try to refrain from the digressions--, my friend who's obsessed with "her drawers" and brought me my first thong back from Marks & Spencer is visiting the bloody homeland and I cannot ask her so I have to embarrass myself by asking-- what's the VPL you refer to as in "I have a horror of the VPL"?


Your answers were very funny and suddenly smooth. High school dropout? Bwah-ha-haa!


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