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Saturday, 03 April 2004


Julia S

Bravo! Bravissima!

Won't SOMEBODY think of the insects?

Potato peelings? Great. Egg shells, coffee grinds and unidentifiable mashed bits of child-masticated whatsit? Delightful. But shouldn't a compost-dweller get a treat every once in a while? Something in a breakfast morsel perhaps? I salute you.

MY freezer, since you were asking, is chock-ful of ziploc bags brimming with tablespoon-sized portions of tomato paste. A recipe calls for an nth of tomato paste, right, so I open up a can and then cleverly freeze the remainder in convenient glops... over and over and over again.

PS I lo-oo-v-e Penzey's. I am in that little spice shop all the time. It smells good and they understand me there.

Busy Mom

omg, we have the same thing in the freezer for the exact same reason. I just haven't been brave enough to dive in.


(1) do you add a dollop of maple syrup to the compost pile as well?

(2) um, does this mean when I come visit you there will be a strong push to have pancakes for breakfast? and lunch?? ;-)

(3) why do I have a 5-lb. bag of shrimp dumplings from the korean store that has been in the freezer since last July? Does anyone in my house ever eat frozen shrimp dumplings?? I don't have tomato paste in the freezer, but I have multiple portions of leftover spaghetti sauce in the fridge, in varying states of decomposition


Oh, we've gone through several incarnations of The Tomato Paste Freezer Solution, all with similar result: gobs of semi-dehydrated bright red stuff resembling a fascinating hybrid of carseat vinyl and savory tomato jerky. I just can't wrap my mind around the metal tube kind, because even though that's just what you need, the tube is soooo small and sooooo expensive, and the ShopRite Can-Can sale has the small cans for about 24 for $1 ...
Tam, no worries: the pancakes are on offer only for compost-dwelling creatures. As for your dumplings--that is an issue to be settled between you and your Asian grocer. I'm still working out my own shumai settlement, thank you ...


The title and pics say it all! Very, very funny!

I have solved the tomato paste problem by purchasing (from TJs) paste in a tube. Keeps great and is not expensive from TJs. Even if more expensive then the can, it saves me from the prior refrigerator horror shows of blossoming cans of mold! Keep the biology in the lab, I say!

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